Tech class

Saturday February 5, 2022 at the OVKA Swap Meet we will have the tech classes in the Franklin room. The LO 206 will be around 2.00 and the Clone class around 3:00. Call to reserve your spot in the class today. There are new tools coming out for 2022 that everyone need to know.. Class structure is hands on training. Remember you must re-certified each year. Re-certification class is $75.00 and new tech $125.00. Sign up early for a 10% discount on tools. Call today and reserve your spot. 423-584-6663 or 423-715-3897
If you cant make it Zoom classes are available. Please call to set up a class.

Good afternoon,
Brain Carlson will be doing the lo 206 class again. Carlson Motorsports is in booths 30-33 and Rix Tech tools is in 28-29. Pre-register at 765-339-4407 for the lo 206 class. And call 423-715-3897 for the clone class.
Tech inspectors, builders and DIY'er,
We are our third design for the seat tool. This has not been and easy task. We will have a limited number of tools at the OVKA swap meet. It is very important to attend this class.
As a reminder you must re-up your certification each year. Attending classes keeps you up dated as to changes.
If you cant attend this event Don and my be doing classes at JC Specialty's open house. ( TBA )
Also I can do Zoom meetings.

E-mail me@


Stout Racing, any plans on manufacturing the old Rix version of the dial indicator bracket for the 206 / animal with the built in bracket for the degree wheel pointer. This was an awesome product that I drooled on at the time and couldn't afford and now that I can afford it, I can't pry them from anyone's hands.