Teck class at OVKA

We are including tech on the 420 cc engine class this year. I will be doing tech at my booth after the show. This should make it more convenient for everyone. Please fill out the form above and email it to me. I need a count of how many to prepare for. Brain Carlson is doing the LO206 class as well.

Lewis Stout
423-584-6663 bus
423-715-3897 cell
Tech class:
2019 Tech Class
Registration Form

AKRA ______ NKA_______
Animal______ Clone________ Predator______ LO206_____
Name:_____________________- Certification #_________
Phone:__________________ Email:_________________________
New Tech: $125.00________ Re-certify $75.00_______
DIY: $50.00 ______ ( no-certification )
This does not include any fees for the sanctioning bodies.

Make checks payable to: Rix Tech Tools
CC: _____ _____ _____ _____ EXP: _______
CID_____ Box or Po # ________ Zip:__________

Feel free to copy and email in to us. gummy07@charter.net

Lewis Stout
423-584-6663 bus
423-715-3897 cell

Ok guy's if you want a tech class at OVKA this year. Please copy and fill out the form and send it to us to be able to get a count on how many will attend. Cut off date will be Jan. 31, 2019.
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