Tecumseh star, are they still competitive?


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I'm close to running Mike Bates open star, he was sure it was plenty enough in 2012, and he didnt . but this one is right...
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Ya 10-4 lap times may be even but don't put them on the track with the UAS guys unless you want to get spanked. Chuck.


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Well, UAS has been beating track records at every track in the South East during the last years, no other class even close. Yes, some clone guys can run as fast or even faster than the slower UAS rides (like mine, lol) some days, that's all, but they are not even close of the winner UAS ride, like the Seay team, for example, and that's on normal tracks, i won't even mention long tracks.

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I think some of you are missing the fact that the whole first page of this thread was 2014ish. 2013 when I started racing UAS 450's were just really starting to get big and everyone thought the 390's and big Stars would still be competitive. Fast forward to now and people have come to realize not only are the 450's designed and built for racing so the
longevity is quite a bit better, they're generally a lot more powerful over all. So you have a reliable package and powerful package. Not to mention that even smaller two strokes are as fast and sometimes faster even on larger tracks, and don't give up anything on small tracks.

Smaller tracks and places where the competition isn't quite as fierce the Stars and 390's can shine. 390's are quite good and can run with the UAS, but they're a ticking time bomb. But, ultimately competition is relative. If you're not running against the best in the country you could get away with a smaller four stroke. Hell I think a good 250F Mx engine can run quite well at certain tracks. The over rev is amazing to say the least. But, against high competition and you'll see big engines and good tires going to the front.
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Was the Star block made for racing or was the motor an adaptation of an existing industrial engine? One way or the other which model number was it based upon? Thanks.

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I believe the block was an adaptation of the hh100 engine.
Some of the parts were motorsports specific, like the rod.

Tillotson carb used was the hl374.

These work decent on an open stroker animal.
the tecumsehs are great ! i ran flathead opens for years 86-93 used the 5 hp-8hp block (look same on outside) we used a 6hp crank that could be cut to 1 inch main jornold we got 300 thou stroker ,140 overbore our team domanated that track for 5 years won all points races for 5 years in a row . our engine man built a tecumseh FH that had a forged horstman BRIGGS std stroke crankshaft BUT had some HUGE ! piston aries i think ? it could not be beaten but that was some years ago before all the OHV stuff , we quit when clones hit ! joined the VKA back to b-bombs / macs for fun
Probably too old a post but....

You guys run at Dunn's?

That track was about 4 miles from my house..

I know who your builder was most likely... pretty sure anyway... I ran open starting in 95 and built a few Tecumseh's just like you speak only using lunati cranks with a briggs +.200 stroke... still habe a few of the arias pistons NIB actually.. lol

The other piston in the pic on the right is I think a stock 5hp briggs.


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I run at a fairly long track, with lots of bank to it, most of our opens are gx390 or briggs 342's, does a star motor still have a chance against these guys?
No. It's barely enough motor to take on a kt100 open. Find a 250f or Sudam125 they are both low maintenance motors and great for starters


I run at a fairly long track, with lots of bank to it, most of our opens are gx390 or briggs 342's, does a star motor still have a chance against these guys?
That is one of the best engines out there. The only problem is getting parts are you most definitely will be all over those guys or beating them.