Tempest Setup for Indoors


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I plan on racing indoors for the first time in a couple weeks at the Bluegrass Nationals races here in Liberty Ky at the end of this month, and i need to know how i need to have my kart set up for these races. I race a 06 Millenium Tempest, Box Stock or AKRA Clone Lite and Medium, i have a Lightning Light Quest Medium seat, and 7 sets of burris ss33a tires and 1 set of new maxxis pink and blues is the tires i use. The kart is fast the way it is now and id like to keep it that way, my plan as of right now is just to take some camber out of the right front to get the tire on the ground a little more since the track at liberty will be flat instead of banked. Im open to any suggestions or advice you can give me.

Here are the numbers i use for the banked 1/5 mile track that i normally race at:

RF Camber -2.75
LF Camber +.5
F stagger 1 1/2
R stagger 1 1/8 - 1 1/4
Stock caster
LR wheel 3/4" to 1" from frame
RR wheel 1/8" from frame
RTW 39 3/4"
The only thing we used to change was rear stagger to inch and a half on the rear. 1 left camber and neg 3 on the right side. It was fast.
I’m curios; how big is that indoor track? What’s your guess on the distance between the straights? That would give you the radius of the turns. What is the length of the straight were you’re actually going straight?
one fat kart, is right try getting a left rear that will give you 2 in stagger just in case I,ve seen it work and maybe 1.25 camber on left . the stagger will help it turn getting in,and the camber will help if pushing coming out. that's if it refuses to turn which happens sometimes at indoor tracks otherwise your numbers are good like anywhere else you get on the right tire the rest don't matter much. good luck.