Tempest setup numbers?


I have a 2007 tempest and can’t find any setup numbers to go off of to scale kart. Does anyone have any idea a good baseline new to karting here. Thank you
For an adult class...

Left: 57.5
Nose: 45.5
Cross: 65 - 69
LF: +.5 with 0 caster pill, tie rod in front hole on spindle
RF: -2.75 with 0 caster pill, tie rod in middle hole on spindle
LR: 1/2" off frame
RR: 3/16" off frame

Front of seat as far left without hitting frame rail, medium size seat 2 3/4" edge of RR strut clamp distance from edge of engine rail

Stagger 1 1/2" front with 1" rear for a 1/4 mile, 1 1/4" rear for smaller track

Tempest has a lot more natural bite compared to anything newer, so only about half the internal amount and just slightly more air pressure