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We lost alot of info on several things on this site with the crash. I wanted to at least get this thread restarted for us old timers.

This was and still is a very dependable chassis. Very capable of running with the crowd. Feel free to post your wins on here. There are still alot of these chassis out there just waiting for drivers to put them back in the winners circle.
I still have a 07 and 08 tempest use it as a backup kart for friends to use. Still great handling karts and easy to setup track to track.
I love my tempest and have had great luck with it since i started using it, i wouldnt give this kart up for any brand new one anyone offered me or any amount of money. Its a very easy to learn chassis and very user friendly, you dont have to hit the tires perfectly for it to be fast, or the setup, you just have to get it close and drive it like you stole it and thats why i love it! Hard to beat a tempest when it comes to cornerspeed!
We ran an 02 tempest for 10 years put well over 100 races on it, won the first Batesville indoor show in 2008 running limited and won both days and was featured on speed channel. And took it to Boonville miss for the eddie burns memorial race and won both classes of animal it was by far the best short track chassis we ever owned I sold it last year and was almost crucified by my son, its now running in UAS with a 390 on it. The temptest are great chassis just keep new parts on them and don't bend it it will serve you well.
Bought an 05 Tempest for my Grandson to run this year. His first year in karting and he just won the Florida Oval Asphalt Series championship in Jr. Champ. He loves it and we're alway being told how fast the Kart is. We think we got a good one!