testing this cam!!


just purchased iskys 360 cam 260* duration cam, going to test it out with isky billet lifters, cm push rods, champion rockers, dual springs, 28.5/27 mm valves, 18cc head milled .075, weisco 2.675 piston, arc billet long rod (3.595) .048 hg, tilly 304 wx, .990 J-pipe, arc fw ~36* timing, genuine honda crank, 18t magnum clutch green springs ~4000 engagement speed,

thanks to anyone who helped me make these choices

i got my first shipment today, it was the oil catch can and my 18t clutch!, everything else should be here tuesday
no, i have done hrs of research and question asking, and have learned alot over the past years i have had these motors, i have the tools and hopefully the knowledge to make this engine run, it is already assembled and will be firing up today hopefully, all clearances are checked!

thanks for the feed back!
Well have you fired that bad boy up yet ;) I could tell you what its going to do but
as my wife says DONT TELL ME DONT TELL ME lol movies lol
Just built one for a friend with same cam ! Almost same build ! Runs very very strong ! Had a lot of time in it ! Lot of modifying to get the cam to fit ! I'm at 396 lift ! If I had to do it again I would run a smaller lift cam and bigger ratio rockers to get same lift or more ! Nothing against the cam ! Just didn't like taking away material around cylnder . But it was a very good learning experience ! Good luck !