Thank you Bob's family!!


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This one is for all the Bob's fanatics on here. Its taken a long time to finally get a champions jacket and I owe it all to you guys! It has been a long grind over the years from racing Talladega and Beaver Creek all the way to Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Indiana, (for now), but what I've learned over the years on this forum has taught me more than I could've ever imagined.
Big thanks to Brian Carlson this past year for tire and clutch setup to get to the front. I know him and the crew were probably cringing when I told them no cutting of the tires and the amount of phonecalls as well as pm's on here might've drove you nuts haha.

2020 was probably the last year I'll ever get to race dirt because of future moving plans but am thankful we were able to go out on such a bang. This forum was the life and blood of getting it done and I can't thank you all enough.....even you Al! (I did use your excel spreadsheets a couple time lol). I hope more Bob's crew can get on here and show their success with not just winners lane but season champions as well. Thank you all again for showing why this forum is such an important role in the sport of kart racing.
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Congrats, I’ve enjoyed racing with you. I was they guy that would drive from Nebraska19. Good luck in your future endeavors.