Thank you Carlsonmotorsports


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Thanks to the carlson motorsports team at the ovka dayton ohio swap meet. Everyone was very polite, top notch and very helpful! Brian, I assume Sarah was your wife there? And the two young gentlemen were very helpful. Great bunch of people folks! As a soon to be dad, Your kids were VERY well mannered and very helpful also. A lot of respect was earned in my book for this kart shop this weekend! Thanks for all the help and the merchandise!!!! Its setup in my basement and im still drooling over the tires lol. Thanks again, Eric Cox 5c. If theres ANY questions over my tires Brian please call me, Thanks again!!!
Ecc_33 deserve credit as well ...this guy has Ben a stand up gentleman everywhere I have seen him and heard of him, doing things professionally and politely ...a stand up guy and nice to see a new racer doing thins right and figuring it out on his own

Mike Fyffe
Thanks Mike, You are the same way. Its nice to meet people like this and race with them. Thats what makes racing for me so enjoyable!
brain is a very good supporter to bobs4cycle and has been for many yrs,his wife sara is the glue that keeps brian sain with his heavy work load,hes alway available to help anyone,
I finally met Brian, Sara and their 2 kids AJ & Seth. Great family and very knowledgeable about the Karting World! Over the years Brian and I have discussed various engine technology topics over the phone and e mails, so it was finally great to meet him in person. Great job Brian and family and I would recommend them for all your racing needs!

Wow, I don't know what to say other than...


Very nice compliments from all of you.

My business AND my family very much appreciate your support!

Brian, Sarah, AJ, & Seth
While I have yet to meet Brian in person,I have spoken to him on the phone and bought things from him in the past.He has always been very prompt on delivery and in general,a nice person to talk to.Very sharp on all aspects of karting and engines.
i see brian,sara, and the kids almost every weekend during the racing season and they are really good people and always ready to help anyone that asks
I have dealt with brian and Sarah, and really like em. Ive never met them. We kind of "grew out of" the stuff i worked with him on, we went two-smokin' instead .. they are great to deal with !