Thanks SKC / WKA


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Thanks SKC / WKA for a great race at Roebling Road. Very well run event. You put a lot of work for the drivers. Thanks a lot.
Smooth running event. All races were on time. Everything went well from registration, pre-tech, griding the karts and post race tech. The weather was perfect all three days. Having the CIK/LO206 class in their own race was a stroke of genius. I can only make two suggestions for the CIK/LO206 class: Start the race with half the field on the right side of the track and half the field on the left side of the track. Karts starting deep in the field under the current single file start have to be super aggressive trying to move to front with these spec engines. Yes, the first few turns will be tight, but they are anyway. We will figure it out.
Secondly, a white flag would be nice. I'm SURE we can think of a way to use it in timed races. Thank you again WKA and especially SKC for a fun and well run event.