The 4-Cycle Super Showdown, presented by Briggs & Stratton


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Looking for a little pre-Thanksgiving fun? The Phoenix Kart Racing Association is playing host to the first annual 4-Cycle Super Showdown on its Formula K Raceway. Racers from all over the country are set to gather in Phoenix to race for more than $8,000 in prize money.

Read a full article on the event, with a statement from event organizers here:

Full event details:

The 4 Cycle Super Showdown
presented by Briggs and Stratton at PKRA

Glendale, Arizona
November 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Over $8,000.00 in prize money

Race Info:

5 classes
6 heat races each Class
90 laps of racing.
90 minutes of on track practice time available for each class.

World Formula Heavy – 16 years and up – 390lbs.
World Formula Medium -16 years and up - 365lbs
World Formula Junior – 12 to 15 years – 325lbs
LO206 Sr – 16 years and up – 370lbs
LO206 Cadet – 7 to 11 years – 240lbs

Race Information
First heat grid line up will be based on first Registered to last Registered. Registration is available here:
Each heat will be longer and worth more points than the previous heat. Points will accumulate and the grid will line up based on total points. The winner of the showdown will be the driver with the most points accumulated over the 6 heats.

IKF 2013 Rules

Registration and fees:
Race registration (for Saturday and Sunday only, one event pit pass per registration)
1st Entry On-line Before November 22nd $150.00
2nd Entry On-line Before November 22nd $135.00
1st Entry On site $200.00.
2nd Entry On site $175.00

Friday Practice before November 22nd $50.00
On site $75.00

Pit Passes, for event (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
On-line before November 22nd $20
On site $25
Daily pit passes available at the gate at $10.00ea.

Pit Space Rental, for event (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
#4 through 22 $100ea
#23 through 44 $60ea
#60 through 99 $60ea
#45 through 59 $25ea
#100 through 143 $10ea
#144 through 177 first come.

All pit spaces available on first come basis. If your choice is not available you will be moved to the closest available.

Fuel: MS98 at Market price available at the track.
Tires: MG HZ, OR Bridgestone YLC, OR Burris 55, one set, your choice, for both days. A limited amount of MG tires will be available at the track for sale by local kart shops.