The Dark Side at VIR


We´ll be at VIR kart track next Su nday for some practice and fun. A break from dirt tracks. So far we have my roatry Ital powered Tony, my MGM this time powered by an old reed PCR, Troy´s wankel powered Tony, and Charlie on whatever he decides to bring. I think Ted can´t make it and don´t know about Nick. Seems like some guys from VA might join us. We´ll see.
Delivered Nick's kart to him today and he said he won't be able to make it... My wife's working and the in-laws are in Myrtle Beach so I'm out too... Have fun!
We will. Cold season is coming and I don´t have to work on Monday, so we can´t change the date, but we plan to come back to Mooresville and CMP next season.
My kart's ready, just can't get there. Though I'm contemplating putting the rotary on the LTO and putting my DAP ICA on the sprint kart -- easier to deal with the water-cooling on the sprint kart...
Yes, but hard to set the rotary on the LTO, Ted. I think Nick Hall from VA used to run one rotary Ital on UAS. He might help have some advice for you.
Why is it hard to put rotary on LTO? It can't be as wide as Nick's 305 was?! :) I'll post pics when done. ttys
For the same reason it was hard to set it for direct drive. Not much room between carb and gear, unless you drive it from ignition side, of course. Not impossible, of course, just some more issues than with reeds.
Track was really fun, specially on my Direct Drive rotary Ital, and track personnel were great, helping me puch start that compression beast with a 4 wheeler. Track is narrower than most modern tracks, but twisty and fun. Reminded me of the older European tracks compared to the modern ones. We missed Charlie. Another track I´ll be back to. Long time I haven´t enjoyed driving so much, and both karts worked great. I only broke a seat srut (like last race). Seems like I am getting to heavy for them, lol. I´ll post videos when i have them ready.