The Dynamics of Speed (and it’s sequels)

i am all for the science behind the way things work. but if you don't understand them or you blindly follow advice from everywhere you will be constantly fiddling with the chassis instead of fixing tires or gearing or understanding track conditions. All the top drivers i know are don't have separate set up people they are a complete package.
what are you doing differently chassis wise from one track to another? are you changing your percentages? i know some top Burris guys that travel they have told me maybe adjust the ride height in the left rear to give a cross adjustment but they are not moving their seat or fiddling with caster for sure. stagger, gearing, tires and air pressure what else will make it or break it? please tell me a time a someone moved a washer and won the race. and why that worked.
My change is not just going from track to track but mostly from night show to a calcium day show and usually the adjustment is more left side weight for the day show