The New Caesars Creek Speedway 2nd Annual Frost Buster / OCKS


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April 27th The New Caesars Creek Speepway / OCKS payouts

Jr Red 5-7 - Trophies to top 3 - $10.00 entry fee
Jr Green OCKS 8-10 280# - $100 to win - $20.00 entry fee
Jr Purple OCKS 11-15 310#- $200 to win - $20.00 entry fee
Clone Lite- $200 to win - $25.00 entry fee
Clone Medium OCKS- $250 to win - $30.00 entry fee
Clone Heavy OCKS- $500 to win - $40.00 entry fee
Clone Super Heavy OCKS- $250 to win - $30.00 entry fee
Jr Champ OCKS- $100 to win - $20.00 entry fee
Sr Champ OCKS- $200 to win - $30.00 entry fee
WKA Flathead 360# - $500 to win/ 100% of entries to be paid back as well - $25.00 entry fee
PAC Stock Appearing - $204 to win - In Memory of Kyle Harsch -$25.00 entry fee
Open/ RWYB - $200 to win - $25.00 entry fee

All other classes 100% payout, all the above money is GUARANTEED! All ocks classes add $5.00 to entry fee if you are not a member of the series. To become a OCKS member visit them on facebook or sign up at the OCKS booth on race day, To be a member it is $30.00 per class and that qualifies you for all year end awards. We will have trophies and or Trophy checks for the winners of the money classes. We hope you can attend this event! Reserved parking is available on a first come first serve basis, if you would like a spot please message us with your information, All non reserved will park in 3 and 4. You will be allowed to come on and off the track there as well. Any questions please send us a message.

Track address
8024 W ST RT 73
Wilmington Ohio 45177

***2018 Midwest track of the Year***

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Definitely liking the money for flatheads -- may have to make a road trip. :)
What engines do you run on your champs (jr & sr)?

Thanks for what guys are doing!

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
Carlson Racing Engines
Vector Cutz
Carlson Motorsports on Facebook
30 years of service to the karting industry
Linden, IN
We follow the OCKS rules, Ohio Championship Karting Series, they are all clones. PM me for more information.



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Reserved parking is full, we do have a wait list for reserved if you would like to be on the list.

We do have free parking as well.