They say there cheating ???but....


Why is it some racers say there's cheating going on ..but there the ones that run from tech in protest ..Racing it brings out the best in some 😂😂


The only scuffle I was ever in with @30 yrs of racing was in the pits after cleaning house for like two months at our local track. There was a lot of chirping going on but the leader of the chirp pack comes up to me and says .... I know your a cheater because I'm cheating and your kickin my but.... This was the week after he passed a hat for $$$ and had us completely tore down. Don't ever call me a cheater .... LOL.
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The best and first track I ever ran at when we were running flatheads checked one class each night and did not tell the racer which class it would be. Also I believe if you won three weekends in a row you got tore down. It worked really good.


Its usally the one who says your cheating is the one that is cheating.
Ive been protested a several times and called wrong once. Ive also protested others and they were found legal.
The only trouble Ive ever really had was one person started to run are class. By the 3rd week he was winning by half track. When we protested the short list would have been what was legal on the motor. He was banned from are class for the year.


My favorite rule was years ago in the flathead days our track had a stock class and a stock appearing class ...if you were caught cheating twice in the stock class you were banned from that class and if you wanted to race you could only run the stock appearing class