think it will snow?

Im in hampstead . Got to my knee and turned to rain. Sleet now and starting to blow a bit. Supposed to get another 4 or 5 last I heard.
7+ " in Statesville/Mooresville NC area - thats about 8" more than I was hoping for, if I wanted snow I coulda just never moved south from NW Ohio :rolleyes:
Nothing but 2 1/2 inches of sleet/ice here, very little snow. They said on ABC news tonight that there are 500,000 people out of power here in the south. Been out of work for two days now, son out of school for three days. Thank goodness for a generator.
We have 13 inches of global warming here, quit about 5pm. Started again about 7, and we're supposed to get 3-5 more by the time it quits around 10pm. At least I figured out why the snow blower wouldn't start....