This Saturday 8/3/19 - 1st Annual Harold Claar Memorial $$ Clone Race & SR Champ $$ Race at Red Rock Raceways

The 1st Annual Harold Claar Memorial Race will be held on Saturday Aug 3, 2019 at Red Rock Raceways.

Sr. Clone 370 lbs - 30 Laps
$1,000 + Purse Guaranteed !! $30 Kart Entry Fee
1st place - $539
2nd place - $231
3rd place - $154
4th place - $77
5th place - $50

Plus a $100 "Dash for Cash" Race / Sponsored by: Chavis Motorsports

Hard Charger Award - $77 / Sponsored by: Bryan Stone & Chris Davis

Sponsored Lap Money for each of the 30 Laps for the leader of each corresponding lap!

Sr Clone Heat Race Winners will receive a gift card from JC Specialties

20 Karts will start the Feature. We will run a B & C main if needed

ALl Feature winners will receive a Commemorative Chris Claar Trophy

Gates open at 2:00
Drivers Meeting at 4:45
Hot Laps at 5:00

**Red Rock Raceways yearly reserved parking WILL be honored for this event. So please, check the parking map before you park, and do not park in any reserved parking spots. You will be asked to move! We will try to have a parking map available at the sign in booth before you park.

(Please see flyer for other detalis)



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Also on the calendar.....

Sr Champ "Red Rock / Cove View Challenge" $200 to WIN with Twin Heats, OPEN tire rule for SR Champ ONLY!!
This is a Non Point Race!

*Special $100 BONUS!!
(Must run Red Rock, Sr Champ race, and then run Cove View, Sr Champ race, on Aug 10th. The highest top 5 finisher at Cove View, that ran the Red Rock Sr Champ race, will get a $100 bonus!!)
Harold Claar Memorial Lap Sponsorship.
$10 per lap.... ONLY 2 Laps Left!!!

1. Jim Rafferty - PD
2. Troy Aikey
3. Scott Smith Racing - PD
4. Jim Rafferty - PD
5. D&D Racing - PD
6. Derrick Claar
7. Chris Claar
8. Derrick Claar
9. Jim Rafferty - PD
10. Jim Rafferty - PD
11. Jeff Lynn - PD
12. Shives Motorsports - PD
13. Jim Rafferty - PD
14. Eric Ike Dalton - PD
15. Sanco Motorsports
16. Lonnie Buttry
17. Jim Rafferty - PD
19. Jim Rafferty - PD
20. Bollman Racing - PD
21. Jeff Lynn - PD
22. Kristi Brown - PD
23. Jim Rafferty - PD
24. Troy Aikey
25. Jim Rafferty - PD
26. Jim Rafferty - PD
27. Chris Claar
28. Scott Smith Racing - PD
29. Sanco Motorsports
30. Cortney Claar - PD
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Looking for a legal exhaust to borrow for a hemi head predator. Trying to bring a brand new driver tomorrow but what we bought has been ummm "modified" and would prefer to run legal.

Order of Events for the Harold Claar Memorial Race Tomorrow

Running Order
Jr. Sportsman I Champ
370 Flatheads
Rookie I
Sr Champ Heat I/Feature
Jr Predator
Lite Clone
Jr Sport II Champ
Rookie II
Heavy Animal
Jr Gold
Sr Predator
Jr Champ
RC Cars
Sr Champ Heat 2
Heavy Clones
Lite Animals
370 Open Clones
Ya I'd be interested to see also, I know Graham won the Sr Clone curious who all ran and how many, plus other classes.
20 karts in the money race. 2 red flags. Not sure of full results or total kart count for the night. I know they had 6 Sr pedators and we were the only Rookie I, 2 pre-rookies and 3 jr 1 champs