Tie rod position on steering shaft

How does changing the position of the tie rods on the steering shaft from a single point to dual points affect the kart? Thanks.
Yes I know it changes the Ackerman what affect does it have on the kart when changing from a single pivot point to dual pivot points


Dawg 89
It causes the inside tire too turn in faster .
On the Dino I had , the outside tire did some funny thing at full lock .
It would actually turn out too the right slightly when turned full left and vice versa when turned full right .
the quickest answer to your question is it can really help the kart to point into the turns.
The inside front tire turning at a faster rate over the outside front can help to unload the inside rear quicker/more. The outside front still does most of the turning but the increase of the ackerman effect, toe out in turns, with the caster and camber can really help dial in the inside rear unloading. Think of it as an aid to changing the timing of the events of making a corner.