Tilloston impulse

Would it or could be better to impulse a Tilloston carburetor off of the valve cover then off of the intake manifold. Reason I ask is I will be impulsing a remote fuel pump off of a [world formula] manifold and I do not want to buy a new intake if possible to pulse the Tilloston carb. Thinking of building a pulse plate similar to a nitrous plate that would be sandwiched between the intake manifold and the carb with a remote pulse line coming off of it going to the valve cover. Engine will also have crankcase breathe system to the valve cover. Any advice or thoughts welcome.
Probably singing to the wind, but put the fuel pump as close as possible to the carb. If you are running a square pump you can turn the bottom so that pulse line is pointing the same as the fuel outlet line. Keeps the pulse and outlet lines shorter.
Keeping the pulse line short is good for the pumps that we use. Keep in mind that it takes very little pulse to activate the pump diaphragm, so don't get too excited about where you are pulsing from. I personally prefer to pulse from the intake (cleaner and better signal.) Pulsing from the crankcase or valve cover can introduce oil into your pump.

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Brain what do you think about the I'd of the pulse line to the pump? I see a lot of clones with large thick lines. That seems as though it would weaken the pulse.
1/4" is adequate to pulse the pump -- I don't see a reason for larger than that when pulsing from the crankcase.
Now....if pulsing from the intake, increased volume in the pulse line could theoretically lead to more air being ingested.