Tillotson Carb Choice


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I am building a 21 Predator Open Motor. Dyno Cam, Billet rod ,Wiseco Piston, Billet sidecase, etc. I would like to get the forums opinion on what size Tillotson I should get for a mid size dirt track application
those questions are very important. with info so far i would say hl304wx or hl360. get back to me and i cqn help you with your options and best carb for your engine. Dustin with Competition Carburetors 208 440 4478
you need to call dustin at comp carburetors . he knows tillotsons just talked 2 him today knows what will need helpful guy give him a call 208 440 4478
Thanks for the help guys...Guess I did leave out ALL of the essentials, huh? I'll call you tomorrow, Dustin with the details.