Tillotson carburetor help.....


Need help with carb it idles great but she can't go full throttle if she tries it dies . I tried to adjust but not much luck. Any ideas? I'm new to this carb so I'm trying to get info .

95 shaw

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If this is a stack pumper, you will need to be way rich at idle to get to rev onto high circuit.

An ally engine can be spitting raw fuel out the exhaust when set right.

You will need butterfly open quite a ways for a rough idle.
Most don't even try to use the stop to keep idling.

Mark @ EC

Here is our tech sheet for our HL-304 Dominator for the clones and predators. All the information applies to stock HL-304wxa carburetors too. https://www.eccarburetors.com/assets/images/HL-304WX-10-Clone-200-EC-Dominator-Instructions.pdf

Start the carburetor at 1 turn on the high and 2.5 on the low. Don't idle the carburetor, and I mean to keep the butterfly closed and keep the engine running by burping the throttle. The carburetor will be able to tune without dead spots or hesitation at this point and you have less cylinder wash caused by the fuel. The butterfly will basically catch the fuel when off the throttle in the corners and release it when you go back on the throttle acting like a faux accelerator pump. This is all in the link to the pdf but if you need more help let me know.