Tillotson HL carbs


Someone splain me please!
What is the difference between the HL 368A, 380A, 314G, and I think the 305 ish something. Thanks in advance.


Dawg 89
I'm pretty sure you would need to write a small book for just them .
I've got a big 380 setup for my hot rod flatty .
314 is old.
Think I bought another 368 for flathead also .
Drill pattern is the secret!
An I don't know it .
The 368 is an alky ready carb for the Limited class that had an .875 venturi with a 1.00 throttle bore, imported by Dyno cams way back. about the same time at EC 's we developed the 348, with slight changes and a different drill pattern. The 380 was designed for an open 4 stroke, with it's 1.00 venturi and an 1.125 throttle bore, hl's don't come any bigger. The 380's pulse trac had to be moved outboard because of the big throttle bore so when using on a manifold set up for the 360A or 355 it won't match up. The 314G has an old style venturi that goes back 40 years , maybe more. Whats different about the G is , that it's a gas carb but it does comes out of the box with an alky stack. It was the carb of choice for a Mini cup at one point.