tilly 368a carb


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I have a tilly 368a carb and dont kno nothing bout it will it work on a limited flathead. Any help be great
I hope it works out I have a 458 cam with it and a 4.500 rod. But what all can I do to the head in block like porting and the valves.
Cut the eyebrows on the block. Work the top left corner of the intake port and port match it to your intake. On the exhaust port just debur everything. Leave the threads. On the head if you have access to a spool welder and mill weld in where the head starts to open back up after the valves goin into the bore. After welding put it on the mill and level everything back out. If it has not been done yet you will have to cut the head a good bit to get valve clearance due the the high lift cam.
It has been a few years but what i remember is the mods suggested are not legal for limited modified. The entrance to the port can't be opened up and the valves and valve seats cannot be touched, the "eyebrows" cannot be worked on either. The best thing you can do to the intake port is smooth the rough edges and blend the short side radius down to the valve seat, but make sure you don't touch the seat or it will be deemed illegal if teched.