time to settle this


1st are the kyro treated pistons from mike clements any good, ( id imagine their far superior to clone pistons) if so is it like the "race piston from nr? .010 shorter? 2nd why is my piston .030 in the hole, i have a max stroke crank and a arc rod (std) and the piston is a 160 piston (zot-810) i took it out of a 160 and put it in my 200, weird right? the skirt should interfere with the crank. 3rd should i go with a kyro treated piston or a new .020 rod... i cant afford both but im leaning toward the rod cause i need to get the piston up farther, unless the kyro piston has .020 more height... it just confuses me, im using a genuine gx200 block its a rh2x i believe
so i just put 2 and 2 together and the block i have seems to be a little longer, the qx2's have shorter cylinders so the piston appears to come up further, i guess i answered my own question, on the other hand i still need info on the kyro piston
Yea I always thought something was weird about you being in the hole that much as I have same crank and piston and only about .011" in hole if not slightly less. I have no idea on kyro piston but I would go with longer rod.
The QX2 and the RH use the same block the difference being the PTO end of the crank shaft. The kyro is only a treatment it won't change the piston specs if they are using OEM pistons they would be the same as you have. The new Honda piston has a short skirt and does not interfere with the crank.
If you are talking about cryogenic treatment yea it will change measurements maybe not a quarter inch but it will change depending on material. Any of the companies I have looked into that do this say to do all your finish grinding or machining after process is done.. http://www.300below.com/ check that site or do some research on it if you got the money doing that to a whole motor internals and all would in my opinion help durability ... jmo
You expect the cryogentic process to relieve internal stresses and components can change shape slightly, thus finish machining may be required. The original poster is looking for .020 that is highly unlikely. The piston may distort from it's original shape but it's compression height is not going to grow .020"
Thats what I was saying it will chang slightly but not a quarter inch all I was saying it changes... never said it was gonna grow .020 just said its gonna change and all material will change at different rates. Thats all I was saying but I believe the process itself is worth it in some cases
And if you feel you need more answers go to that link they been around a while and they will respond to your questions and im pretty sure they can tell you just how the material will grow or shrink and how much.
300 below has been around a long time and provides their services for many NASCAR and NHRA teams. They are in Decatur IL and I have seen many of these team haulers in there. I know a lot of 1/4 midget engines taken in there from blocks to rods, pistons, heads and even spark plugs. Just don't do the flywheel with the magnet as it weakens the magnetism of them. It is reasonable to do as they use to charge by the pound if I remember right. I know the 1/4 midget guys got a lot more life out the blocks because the rules didn't allow boring the blocks. I would also definently Kryo the valve springs.