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It’s been 18 years since I last ran asphalt and then we were running 550 Dunlops on the left side and 900 Firestones on the right. Going to run Cross Roads in October. I know the tire rule is Vegas didn’t know if things were still similar or what. Any prepping or scuffing need to be done before?


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8.0 Yellow Vega on the right, 4.50 Yellow Vega on the left.

Never been to Cross Roads, but id go 2 oz of internal in the rights, 1.5 in the left sides, uncut/not scuffed,
What kinda internal would you use? I’m using Donnie Nall’s prep on dirt dunno if thatll work on asphalt
For Jasper Asphalt I’m not sure I would internally prep the tires. I believe there will be enough karts there to put rubber down. If you decided to prep internally I would go with Hot Lap 2/ HL2.


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If it bites up good, I'd be on a set of flat cuts with some conditioner internal like our Medium Rare. 2 oz. in the right sides, 1 ounce in the lefts.
4.50s and 8.00s. If it indeed takes rubber, you will want a set of scuffs, or at least something with a heat cycle or two pushed through them.

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Jasper will take rubber throughout the day. If I remember correctly turns one and two will see shade earlier than the rest of the track so don't forget to try and free the kart up some at the sun gets lower in the sky later in the afternoon.