Tire cutting!


Are goal and objective is to provide a quality service at an affordable price to help the local racer!

Home tracks we will be supporting are - Rockport - Miller Raceway - Monroe county fairgrounds.

Pricing and services for 2020!

Equipment- Larry jones motorsports

Mounted/Cut set of Burris 33A.

Price range is $50-55

Prep line these are quart prices.

Green: $28 quart
Gold: $28 quart
Krug green $30 quart
Goat pee $25 quart

For kart parts, we are using palmetto speed shop for all orders unless otherwise noted. We can get wheels and tires shipped to the door or you can drop off at the shop. Price with vary throughout the year, Also, note that all our tires are mounted and cut using Larry jones equipment.

Find us on Facebook at millerspeedlab
or call or txt at 812-259-4616