Tire Cutting


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I'm looking to get a little business going. So I'm going to offer cutting, prepping, and resurfacing services. $100 to cut the tires brand new, $20 to resurface 1 set of tires.

I live in Richmond, KY, my phone number is 859-582-7032. I'm available mostly from 4-9pm.

Thank You and I look foreword to doing business with you.
Cooper Allen
Camz Cutz
Bit high on pricing...hope you can get that...proving yourself and to customers is the best way to get started....
Most people around here range from 70-120. Depending on who it is. Probably will come down but proving myself will be what I need to do more than anything at this moment.
I have 50 plus customers we cut tires for...we have hundreds on our prep...80 plus we surface tires for...also surface track side...$10 a set and 20 to true up at shop....we only charge $40 to cut set of tires...most customers get atleast 2 sets of new tires...some get 10 sets...just depending on number of races they plan to attend through out the season...50 customers x 2 sets at $40 is 4 grand...plus surface jobs all year plus others buying new tires....we made $18 grand last year doing this and selling prep...have for the past 7 years...been in karting 19 years...like I said...if you can get that good....just think what you would want to pay...and go from there...I sell prep Nation wide and do tires locally only....keep it simple and you will succeed..JMO
While on topic, it seems that most people around the Ky area charge $20-25 per tire for cutting tires, and that seems to be pretty fair and reasonable to me if they do quality work. there are alot of guys in Ky that do a pretty good job with tires and cutting them. One that comes to mind is Allan Garner, he does his own tires and is always up front and doing good just about anywhere he goes. I just bought about 6 sets of low lap, used cut tires from him and they are some of the nicest i have seen so far, very smooth and clean looking. Would definately buy from him again when i need anything else.
I'm just trying to get going. I'm not perfect. I'll admit that. But hey, nobody is. Some are better than others but nobody is perfect. If they were absolutely perfect. They'd win every race. All I'm saying is I'm just trying to get my product out there without making people think I'm way too expensive. But being 15, almost 16, might put a bad taste in some peoples mouths.
15 apiece is what i charge,100 or more is way to high unless there being conditioned and prepped,alot of pricing depends on the machine thats used,we use a jones