Tire Pealing


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My right front tire has a problem of pealing really bad toward the inside obviously. Burris 33 and it isn't soft. On an Ultramax PhazeX and only when you have to drive really hard.
I understand a little is common but its a LO206 and it is bad enough where im going through a tire every 3 shows almost.
It definately shouldnt have you going thru tires that quick no matter how hard your racing or driving it, are you running alot of camber in the right front? And do you have a push on corner entry or exit? Seems to me like you have excess camber in the right front for sure if you are wearing a tire out that quick. Maybe the most important question is, is the kart fast the way it is now?
No matter how far i lay down the RF it doesn't get better or worse. We do run alot of Nose weight and we are on a high bite, desently banked 1/5 mile. We can not run prep because of class rules. Another thing that we might be thinking is we are only running between 3/4 inch and 1 1/8 of stagger so maybe its just skrewin over the RF on entry...but idk
Slow the transferr of weight to the right front tire...it wont loose speed by doing this...it will help take care of your tires....run camber around 2.5....widen the lr out a 1/4....and possibly take a washer cross or 2 out...cant race on tires that peal...if they are pealing they are giving up grip...bottom line is work on kart and all 4 tires gripping and not giving up during a race...
Ok that makes sence. I was also going through my tires doing invantory today and I found that I had forgot I had a left rear that peeled to the outside of the Left rear also.
Flip them. Try less left if theres a no prep rule. Sounds like your sliding causing tires to overheat and peal. Flip after everytime out if possible.
I would start by checking your set up. Sounds to me like you have to much camber and your toe may be off. With to much camber you may never get the tire flat on the ground and it could cause a front end push.