Tire prep program!?!


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Hey guys just gettin back into racing and I need some help with tire prep! I run burris tires I'll be racing in ky and southern Ohio small and big tracks and it just depends the track could be dry or tacky! I'm looking for what works best... Help and tips would be great!
FTS has a burris specific prep. Contact csteel14golf (Paul Holt). Also when you get on ANY prep-tire program, stick with it. Learn it. Don't jump around.....that is a bad mistake. Paul can get you rolling and has GREAT customer support.
We have been very good using WAKS preps or FFTS preps(James Raines prep). Both work great on Burris and at any track we have been on.
Tom Dawson
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We have a very large customer base stretched all over the country. If I can help you with anything feel free to give me a call.
I'm in Louisville and will most likely be at some of the same tracks as you, and have had some great success on Pink Magic