Tire Prep

WD40 yes we have. NO GAS! soak a rag with WD40 wipe tiers wrap with plastic wrap night before, take off at race track. run your race clean with water wipe lite coat WD40 let dry repeat after each race.
7-wins 5-2nds 1-3rd 1-5 1-dnf not a bad year. that was the only prep we used:)
ALSO friends used black sand same tiers won every race they were in. we are going to try some black sand (must cure for 7 days)
we ran JR3 they were in med flat head
The gas will dry out the rubber pretty easily, definately dont use it on your tires.

Also, Black Sand is a great prep for dry tracks, or dusty tracks, or if you just want to build bite in your tires. I like this prep and use alot of it because it wont drop the duro on your tires and it is very hard to beat when used at the right time. It works best with 10 days of cure time, but the longer you let it cure, the better the tires will be. You can also mix black sand, goat pee and acrysol using 1/3 of each and it makes for a great PRW for moist, wet, dry, dusty, just about any kind tracks when you need alot of bite, mainly low bite tracks.