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Completely still a noob to this, have so many questions I just don't want to pester.

Tire prep question though. I'm running in the predator, treaded class if the track offers it. Also have a set of Maxxis slicks, just prefer treaded at the moment.

The guy I bought the kart from swears by Black Sand a week or more prior to racing to add grip. My question is this. Do the Tire preps shorten the life span of the tires?

I ask as I am on a minimal budget and not looking forward to buying a new set every 2 or 3 months.
Agreed. Black Sand 10-14 days out is alright for building bite.
Question: Do you "need" more bite using treads on a Predator?
Generally, we are trying to reduce bite with these tires in low HP applications.
When allowed, we cut most of the tread from the tire. When it gets real thin, you basically end up with a siped slick...then you can prep all you want and be faster yet. Some tracks have caught on to this and now institute a minimum tread depth.

Tire wear is more dependent on the track surface and the tracks' reluctance to use the water truck than preps.
Mandating too soft of a compound as a spec tire only makes things worse. Mandating too hard of a compound tempts guys to prep.
Depending on your track, you will likely wear your tires more by sanding/grinding to refinish them from week to week, than by actual wear on the track.

If we can help you with any more information about our treaded tire program or tire preps, feel free to give us a call at the shop.



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I agree with Brian. In most cases you would be faster on a nice harder tire with some bite wiped on it. Those motors cant afford to have more load applied to them.