Tire Program Needed-Daytona


I need a tire program that can help me to qualify really well. I'm running a lot of road races and won't have the time to make any consi's.


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Daytona is a very tricky track that is hard to get a hold of. Last year it took something completely different from day 1 to day 2. It would be hard to tell what exactly you would need until you got to the track.


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Last December on the first day everyone was on the ole red prep with heavy tranny fluid. We worked the tires 6 weeks out all the way up to the race. The second day it wouldn't work and everyone had to switch up. We had to different tires hard and focus on building bite. I have to agree with Chris here its not something that's easily prepared for.


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I will be at daytona with the insanity speed elixir ( daytona prep) if anyone needs any just look me up, It
takes a while to prepare for daytona, so if anyone needs any shipped just give me a call thanks 336-731-6111 donnie


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That will be awesome