Tire Rack Plates


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Our plates are made out of 1/8” aluminum for increased durability, lighter & much more sturdy then your basic plates. These have a 2” wide surface mounting area with 1/4” predrilled holes which also adds to the sturdiness. The hole cutouts (.75”) are perfect for 1/2” emt conduit which you can purchase from your local hardware store. Singles are 10” tall, doubles 19”, triples 32”, quads 45” & 5 tiers 58”. Once mounted they protrude 12” off of the wall. Please send a pm or call if you’re interested in placing an order or want help with what you need. All sizes in stock. Pricing is as follows and is PER PLATE:

Single plates-$34.95/ea
Doubles- $69.95/ea
Quads- $119.95/ea
Cincos- $149.95/ea

Powder coated prices:

Also available is the mounting & finishing kits (additional cost) so I can ship you everything you need except the conduit. Once the box shows up you’ll have everything you need to mount them and hold the conduit in place, 1 stop shop.

**FREE SHIPPING on orders of 4 plates or more**

I ship daily via UPS & provide tracking. For payment we accept PayPal, Venmo or credit cards. Any questions or to place an order you can also reach me at (518) 929-5886. Thank you!


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TTT!! Give me a call with any questions or you can message us as well on the Facebook page. Thank you to everyone that has purchased them!