Tire Refinishing

What (if anything) do you do to refinish your Maxxis tires? (i.e. Sanding/Grinding/Etc.)

I suspect the old forum had an answer, but alas...
PC (bigcat6) does 98 percent Burris tires... were 40 and 60 might be used to knock off feathering..

i def. dont reccomend anything under 80 on Maxxis.. i ran some this year and finished with 220 after scuffing in with 120. totally different tire characteristic than Burris where a fluff finish is usually a good think.. no so with a Maxxis... on high bite tracks you will shred a tire with grind marks left in it.

i prefer a belt sander
How do you decide when its time to refinish the tires? Do you do it to deal with feathering? Other indications its time?
I resurface the tires that we ran every week. If we are at a big show I will at times resurface after coming off the track If we will be needing to run them tires again that day or the next day.
With Maxxis and most other brands I use a belt sander and never get more aggressive than 120 grit... On our Burris for some tracks we will get to 80 grit but nothing more aggressive than that and I use a angle grinder.
How do you decide when its time to refinish the tires? Do you do it to deal with feathering? Other indications its time?
When the tire becomes glazy looking ...that is when the pours seal off and the tire looses grip....surfacing tires brings out the new rubber and scuffs off dead rubber...which will bring back surface grip...it will also help keep the tire from feathering as much...so if you run on hard biteing tracks where tire feathering is a problem...do it lightly each week...or some do it each time off track..all depends what your tracks do to your tires where you race at...there isn't a 100% right or wrong answer to many tire questions...experience and time is key to doing tires correctly in all areas....get with experienced guys at your track...most will help you along....the less grip the track has the courser the grit can be used...the higher the bite the finer you go....60/80 to me with light touch is faster and simpler...and works in almost every dirt condition out there....
I am going to say yes true...but, 80% I cut are burris...I have cut 100s of Maxxis for races down south and some indoor races here and there...vegas I have done as well...firestones..only a handful of sets...I do have many customers who run asphalt and concrete tracks...including my son...you say do I have a maxxis templet...yip..sure do...burris templet made into maxxis one....I have a very good machinest who helps work tires with me...and he can make all that is needed...