Tire roller?

what is this and how does it work? Or at least some ideas as to what it may be it doesn't get hot it just rolls
Can you tell me why I have three different size tires? I really hope I'm missing something because I have these two random size medium tires that I don't understand.


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That seems right but not knowing the size :unsure:
I do know the standard is 2 same size on the right . 12/9/6
Left frt 10.5/4.5/6
Left rear 11/6/6
I have three 12x8x6 and then I have two 11x6x6 and the last two I have are 10.5 x 4.5 x 6. Is there a certain orientation maybe I'm missing. I put the two big ones on the back and the two little ones on the front. But if I'm reading correctly my two wide ones need to go on the right side and then the two little ones on the left?


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The axle remains pretty centered the wheel offset and hub placement takes care of everything. Set it up so that your RS tire and wheel is 3/8” off the framerail and your LS is 3/4” to 1” off it’s framerail as well.
Thank you I've just found the base sheet with the numbers thanks to this site. I'm working on that now but I believe I found that area in the forum where this would actually go.
No man that helps a lot more so than the stuff I found on YouTube for the internet in general. Most of seems to be Tony kart or something I guess Sprint karts..
Does this by chance look right?


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You need to move half the washers from the top to the bottom on the left frt .
The right side camber adjuster need 2 full turns so it leans in more and the right frt tire can it go in closer to the steering arm ? Should only be 1 large and one small spacer at most .move 2washers . too the bottom on the right .