Tire Roller


Dawg 89
I really like the Desparodo .
If you buy used be sure it fits 4 right side tires . New as well .
Other then that its needs too work .
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I remember you said that one time. JesusFreak has one for 155 so I am probably gonna consider that option. I am gonna ask around before I completely decide on one yet.
You can't go wrong with one of Todd's rollers. KKP also has a nice roller, but considerably more expensive.
I like the drip tray because I generally will wipe the outside of my tires while they are rolling as well.
Hot box is nice, especially if your garage is not real well heated in the winter and you plan to do some indoor events or "ice-breaker" type events in the spring. By adding the box, heat strip, and temp control unit, you're tripling the cost.

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