Tire rolling issue

So last night I set some tires to roll. My cat has access to my garage and somehow my tire roller got knocked out of sorts. When I woke up two tires weren't rolling.

I have no idea how long they were rolling or how much chemical was absorbed before this happened.

I don't have the funds to just say screw it and toss these tires. Is there anyway to tell of this stuff was pooled and absorbed in one sport destroying the tire? What will on track performance be like?

Hopefully most of the chemical absorbed before the issue occurred.


I would say check softness of tire with a durometer and if you get the same reading all the way around the tire you’re probably okay. If one spot is a lot softer than the rest of the tire they probably aren’t going to have as much grip and not be as fast if that’s the case. Just my 2 cents
Balance the tires. If prep puddled in them, they will have a heavy spot and is easily detected on a tire balancer.

Some aggressive internal preps soften tires and you can check with a durometer, others do not and you won't find it that way.

Also depends on how long they sat, and how much (ounces) internal you had in them.

We've had power outages and roller rotisserie motors that have failed in the past ruin sets of tires.
Sometimes you can re-roll them and still have them usable as a heavy roll set.
Good luck, been there done that.
Tell your cat to stay out of the prep area!

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Dawg 89
Its been said , you could cut the tops of plastic coke bottles .
Fit them over the rollers too prevent the tire from rubbing .
Most Everyone has had the same issue .