Tire Rotiserie vs. Hot Box


Finally going to bite the bullet and snag a rotiserie or hot box. I'm mainly just looking to roll internally, and the heat would be nice to help absorb prep. What are the opinions out there?


What racing promotor said. We simply put our tire roller at the garage entrance (faces west) with the garage door open and the sun provided all the heat necessary.


thanks alot, that makes sense. What about the fumes? Would there be enough benefit to warrant a hot box? I think if I go the rotiserie route, a pan underneath is a good idea. What are the best sources to snag one of these? I saw KKP had a nice looking unit for a decent price.
Definitely get a pan, not so much for pan rolling, but because it will catch all the "drippings' of prep coming off the tire and roller.
Hot box is nice for keeping the fumes down for sure (especially if you're rolling tires in a confined (garage, attached or not) area.
A hot box is also nice for sizing tires (especially while you're internal prepping.)
KKP are nice.

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A hot box is also an EXCELLENT tool to grow and shrink tires.
^ Take the valve core out and heat the tire up -- it'll shrink.

Use the search feature on this site and you'll see all sorts of information on how to size (stretch and shrink) tires with heat.