Tire Sanding

Tire on the lef, is new sanded and rolled from top guy.
Right is the RR from last night, it has 20 laps, only 10 hard. Tire was new before last night.

Does that tore on the right need to be sanded? It doesn't look feathered, I don't even think he got it hot.

Red plate.
Does not appear to need refinished, but it wouldn't hurt either.
Typically, whatever max temperature a tire has reached previously, will need to be reached again before it unseals itself and starts to work correctly. If the tire never got warm, then probably nothing to sweat.
We refinish pretty much every tire that has been run. No harm done other than very light wear. I feel it's worth it to know where you are starting from.

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Was the tire on the left done on a v-max style cutter ?


Last time i mixed tires or broke up a set it was a bad result. Im not sure if that will happen but just a heads up. Obviously we have to some times.
Just because a Maxxis does not feather does not mean it shouldnt be resurfaced. Lots of times you will get a "glaze" build up which needs to be sanded off. If you dont do that with a glazed tire it wont take prep properly. You are also removing dead rubber to get to fresh rubber again.
As Carlson said, it wont hurt. If you are not sure whether it needs to be done, do it!
Its very easy and it dont take much to resurface a Maxxis, just dont get the tire hot.