Tire size to power?


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Alright guys I’m new here and know very little about karts
I’m a mechanic and can work on about anything but when getting into technical stuff with smaller things like this I’m out of my wheel house. That being said I got my kids a vector 6hp go kart and put on a predator ghost 212 “16hp” motor and I’m trying to figure out if I can run a 19 or 21 inch tire in the rear. We live in a mountainous area with plenty of large hills but also fields the boys can ride in also and I’m just trying to get some extra ground clearance because the axle sprocket only has about 2 inches of clearance. If I go that large am I gonna kill all torque and take off for the hills or will I be okay?
Any help will be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.


You definitely will lose some torque putting larger tires on the rear. You can get it back by changing the gears. Drop a tooth or two on the clutch or add 5-10 on the axle.


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