Tire Spa

Yes, they do have a built in water heater... can set the range like on a standard water heater... and it also has an on and off switch mounted on the cabinet too. (ours does....a standard model)
There are 2 videos of it in action on youtube,just search tnt tire spa.The videos are of the first one I made and many changes have been made but they show the basic machine.The machine is fully self- contained with thermostatically controlled heater,a door operated switch so you don't have to turn it on and off and a reuseable filter.There are no studs or nuts to worry with,just put tire on hub,close door and in about 20 seconds you have a clean,almost dry tire.The chemicals,(prep), that is a major concern with using a spongue and bucket or similar method is avoided due to the chemicals floating on top and this machine draws from the bottom,keeping the chemicals off your hands.The unit can be used with or without tire wash chemicals and in most cases will run all day without changing water due to the baffle and filter system.Requires 5 to 8 gallons of water and you can even fill it before you leave home,avoiding water runs at the track.They are all smooth finish aluminum,fully welded with hardened stainless nozzles,all billet aluminum and brass components,come with adjustable spray wand with 25 ft. hose to wash your kart,car or whatever and are equipped with a GFIC for your protection.So stop treating your tires like dirt,take them to the spa!Can accept checks,money orders or cards thru paypal,thanks! 910 616-2662
Walking around the pits last weekend at Providence,I couldn't help but notice something.Seems everyone uses pretty much the same size and style laundry sink to wash tires.Always out to help the karter on a budget,I got to thinking and have came up with another great idea.We now have a unit that uses your existing wash tub,the tank and pump fit under the tub and the spindle post and spray bar fits in the sink.This unit is no different than the rollaround one,complete with thermostatically controlled heater,spraywand with 25 ft. hose and the same pressure and capabilities of the larger unit.Takes only 5 min. to install and works on all wash tubs that are at least 12'' deep.As usual,made from all billet components and are only $495.00,pics coming soon,thanks!910 616-2662
Just a reminder,guys you need to winterize your machines.We just fill with a gallon of rv antifreeze,run the machine a couple of minutes,drain and you should be good.Thanks everyone for a great year.
Sorry for the delay,I am swamped right now.Will have a new video of the economy model as well as the new QUAD model shortly.Thanks everyone,ain't life wonderful!