Tire wash motor question


I was given a water tight container that would make a great tire washer.
I have a small water pump that would work, but I can't figure out what motor is being used to spin the tire.
Would someone please point me in the correct direction.


Heres my plan,but i havent set it into motion.but i have a old gas powered vertical shaft pressure washer that i found at the dump that starts.the little kart its on is perfect space to build a box above the motor ,and just plumb the pressure washer right into the box.so ya wont even have to have electrity to wash your tires and it be high pressure also

95 shaw

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Just need a filter, or fine screen to prevent dirt from ruining pump.

Taking suction an inch above bottom will allow larger particles to settle out.

Or use fresh water to wash tires, no recycling.