Tire washer build?


I am looking info and possibly pictures of how yall build a tire washer. Maybe this post can help others as well. There's a few nice ones out there. But not within my budget..I have an idea of using a tote with a lock down lid from lowes, and have a water pump already... l'm a one man operation and the less time I have into cleaning tires, more time I can put into working on my setup, especially if I'm running more than one class. Any info will be helpful


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there several threads . It may take a few searchs to find them .
Its pretty basic, hub axle pump nozzle .
Powered rotation would be a big benifit imho . then a brush would not stop rotation .

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I'll have to take some more recent pics.

Washer and surfacer in one.
Just fill with about 3-4 gallons of water, use a hand brush and do a quick once over the tire. I use my own tire wash in the water.

Only issues I have is wear dots pick up water and throw it at you while washing. Surfacing just uses the water in there with the heater off to keep it cool instead of warm.

Been thinking over the winter I should make it belt drive to quieten it up significantly.


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