Tire won’t pop

I got some MG rain tires and can’t get both sides to pop. One side will pop at around 40 psi and I have gone all the way up to 90 psi in the other side just won’t. Yes, I have tried Windex, bead breaker lube, and everything else to try and make it work but it won’t. How high can I run the pressure to get that last side to pop? Or MG rain tires known to take more pressure to pop?
Use a quality tire band, good tire lube, remove the valve core, and use a high enough volume compressor.
If your compressor is too small, you will undoubtedly struggle with it.
I definitely appreciate your attitude of wanting to do this work yourself - just be very careful. With the right tools, you can safely get the job done.

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Better still. Where are you? If you are around iowa ive got a tire mounting strap you can use.. I might still have an old home made band you could use.. message me if you are close.
I like beading strap I have.. it was my favorite for that task


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The MG rain tire is a 6 inch wide tire and your using your wide rims from some 7.1 inch wide slicks?
I know some people will stretch the rains onto wide rims while I think a narrower rim should be used for rain tire set up.
Rain tires are soft and should bead up easy. A small tank compressor is not helping either.


Good advice is to have a band.


A good truck stop will usually have good air (volume and pressure) by the diesel pumps if your compressor cant get it done.. Once beaded get the core back in and put a little air in, will help keep tire round (at least in my experience).