Tires for semo


100cc in the rights and 75cc in the lefts and worked with 12 wipes of jr tippins burgundy at the house and wiping a coat of jr tippins black before going to the grid.. not sure what I needed but didn’t have enough bite


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If this was for the "wet" race they had that might just be the answer if its not that you're possibly over-wiped as Ken said above. If it was liberally wet, without wiping with a goat mix or comparable wet track mix before going out it'll never go. JR's black bite is aggressive but not a wet track prep specifically to my knowledge but I could be wrong.


Cole, Track was sealed up with a hard top. It was slick but not wet.

Track is very tricky. The same tire did not work through the night. It changed dramatically from start to finish as to what tire it took. Most ended up around a 2-3 month old re roll with some wipe at home and something aggressive to fire (Goat, AM Purple, etc.). There were some on a tire with no goat and nothing aggressive at home that were also fast at different times. Again, nothing worked the same all night. Don’t let it beat you up. I think 90% of the people at semo last weekend were scratching their heads.