Titanium question


Was discussing with someone, if you switched all your hardware nuts, bolts etc to titanium, brake rotors, and all available components to titanium, and carbon fiber for other components such as spacers etc, how much total weight would you take off?
that titanium brake disk with drilled titanium bolts from performance would be a big gain in savings but $200+ ouch.. plus I bet titanium is grabby I believe that's why it has special pads.
the aluminum nuts are lighter than the Ti and cheaper. they always compare the Ti bolts to the 1/2 steel never to the 7/16 nuts because its less impressive. I weighed a performance 4 bolt hub against a mini gear set up and it wasn't as much as you would think. your talking several GRAMS and its probably not going to show up on the stop watch. Pros typically run what the kart came with and are always hard to catch.
If you did titanium nerf bars and bumpers it would be 5-6 pounds. Brake rotors only weigh a pound so you’re going to cut that in half. A kart body out of carbon would be around 5# as well and a seat would save 3#.
Specific gravity of steel is .283 (that's pounds per cubic inch). 6Al4V titanium is .160.

.160 / .283 = .565. So if you weigh all the steel components that you want to replace, and multiply the weight by .565, that's what the identical-sized parts made out of titanium will weigh.

all TI, mag, and carbon sprint kart. Chassis and motor. Got to b worth 20 lbs. and no eating for a week 10 lbs. lol! 8 more in your swim suite. That would put me @ 298# kart and driver. Make it remote controlled. Like an rc.
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are you racing in the top national races or the local track . For the local track just go and buy your self a trophy and save everybody else a lot of cash .
if you have lead on your kart there is no need for titanium anything besides rotating weight. The Aluminum is lighter than titanium. so the break rotor is all you can effectively use. Performance claims its half the weight of the stock rotor and they use the 3/16 rotor. so its only slightly heavier than a $25 1/8 inch disc.
Rotating # or rotating drag? I helped a friend clean he‘ss axle bearings and relube them this week end. He runs 4th and 5th and wants to run with the top guys. they went from dry and gritty to clean and smooth feeling. We joked, about this giving him those extra tenth’s!
I would love to go to the trick go kart parts store and see all the expensize, light wieght goodies!