Tn uas

Wes Snow

New member
Is their going to be a UAS series in Tennessee? I was told that it was likely and would like to know who the administrator is? I would love to see a schedule posted ASAP because I think it would allow everyone that is planning on running the nationals to come to the TN UAS race at Dumpling Valley Raceway (DVR) to get familiar with the the track. Also, if it was properly scheduled it would allow for the open modified class (the same support class that will be ran at the nationals) to have a race the same day which would allow many of you to race two classes if you make the trip. I was told that the TN UAS was scheduled to run at the DVR spring shoot out race in April and that would be the same day that they already have a open mod race with a $1,000 pay out scheduled. If someone were to promote this and get the word out in a timely fashion, it would make for a great opportunity to come and race at DVR to help you prepare for the big one in Sept.
Here are the tracks that I will have the races at. Dumplin Valley Manchester Dawgwood in Chatsworth Ga Beaver Creek in Al with the Miss UAS. If anybody in west Tn would let me know I will have one there.

Thanks Brad