To cut or not to cut???


We run a lot of smaller Friday night and Saturday night races where tires range from 35-45 on the duro. With JR1 drivers should we be cutting our tires or not. I know with the bigger day time races we likely need to cut some rubber but I was wondering about the night races with a much smaller turnout and softer tires.
I'd be on full rubber, especially with a durometer range from mid 30s to mid 40s. We have only seen benefits of cut 9.0s on high bite tracks during the summer. Where are you racing?
Woodleaf has gotten good enough to run a set of cuts. Jr1 really doesnt have the speed to need all the rubber in my opinion unless it is extremely wet in the 30-35 duro range. Cutting the 900 is a good way to get a little extra roll speed out of tires especially for a Jr1 and 2. But may have to be worked heavier inside and outside to get working in same conditions. If you were unsure what would be better have one set cut, one full rubber, and then have your soaks just incase.

Daniel Hindre
Jr1 class, Daniel was right, cut tires. Roll speed is very important with Jr1 classes, and you need cuts.
Jr2, almost the same with everything applies, and i still cut.
Couldn't agree with the two guys above (posts 6 & 7) any more.
Cuts are almost always faster. Small plate stuff is so underpowered that you need all the advantage you can get. Pulling heavier tires around isn't going to be best. Also, don't get them heavy by loading them full of prep either.
You can get away with cutting some shoulders on the 9.00s for small plate classes because they don't have the weight or corner entry speed to wear the shoulders out and you can keep your roll speed up with a pound or two higher psi.
The advantage of cuts might be greater (more easily seen) on high speed / high bite tracks, but I believe the advantage is still there even on lower biting track surfaces.

There's a lot more to it, but I'd be on cuts any chance I get.

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