To replace rings or not to replace?

Hey, as you all probably know by now, I have a briggs intek that I'm turning Into an animal. On a budget, should I replace my rings or re-use them? It starts up just fine, didn't smoke, and runs great it seems like as-is. I ran a compression test and it showed 80psi but this compression tester has a history of being in accurate. Thanks in advance!


If you have the right tester, don't stop at a compression test, run a leak-down test. A leak-down test will tell you a whole lot more than a simple compression test, including giving you a good idea of where your problem is, rings or valves, if you have a problem.

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Do a leak down test first, then do a compression check. If the leak down test is good, the compression test will give you a number that corresponds to a good breakdown. After every race, check the compression, it's quick and easy, if it's low, the leak down test, It will tell you if it's The rins or the valves.


I ran a compression test and it showed 80psi
Was that test done by pulling the starting cord? The engines have a compression release to make hand starting easier. To get an accurate number you will have to spin the engine with an external starter. A leakdown test as mentioned is a good idea also. Even if you don't have a leakdown gauge, you could still add compressed air to the cylinder (Crank locked in position at TDC) and listen for leaks. There should be none at the valves, some into the crankcase past the rings is normal.

On the rings, if you're already competitive and looking for that edge, you could replace them. If it's for fun, I say run them until you can't.
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Ok, I'm just not gonna replace those rings. Opened it up and they are In perfect condition along with the sleeve.