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I'm not finding much information on toe. Can somebody explain to me when you would want to be toe in and or out.


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I dont know of any situation where you would want to be toes in, in either cars or karts. Im hoping somebody will give a reason to toe in so I can learn. My thought has always been that you toe out to put less load on the RF outer tread.

95 shaw

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Generally, most chassis manufacturers recommend a small amount of toe out.
Toe out helps create stability in the front end.
Depending on manufacturer, one front tire is aligned straight with the rear axle, and the other toed out.
Toe in can make the front darty and unstable.
More toe out can add heat to the front tires, generally the least loaded one. This can be used to advantage at turn in, provided too much drag is not introduced.

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Toe out also insures any slop in the parts operating the fronts will be taken up in a particular direction.

It means when you turn left you will have an instant connection to turn the RF left.
Same when you need to counter steer turning the wheel to the right you'll have instant movement of the LF..


Too much toe out will make your front end very twitchy. set your rights square and add a 1/16 to 1/8 on the left MAX. a 1/16 on either wheel will = a 32nd split. and 1/8 will be a 16th split.


I too adjust for zero but if my laser is showing a little toe out after i've I gotten everything tightened up I leave it alone. if it was toed in I would redo it until zero or slight toe out.
“Toe in” is always bad, never set the toe in, you will regret it immediately.

“Toe out” will give the vehicle more steering stability in the corners. The more “toe”, the more stabile on he corners less “twitchy”.
But, toe scrubs straight away speed, so you must find a balance for your track.

We run the LF 1/16th out in our karts.

We generally generally run 1/8th to 1/16th total toe in our cars, but we have ran as much as 3/16th. But that’s cars.

The problem with ZERO toe if Sid you make wheel contract, you might end up toed in.